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Dynamic Technologies
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Making business change successful

We help our clients achieve real business value from their investment in change.

Do your projects achieve results like these?

Leading Change

We helped NHS Choices (formerly NHS Direct) to save £65M in the first year alone and deliver their online symptom checker project in half the expected time. We formed a cohesive team even though people worked across organisations in the UK and New Zealand.

The symptom checker helped patients understand their health conditions and advised them how to get the right treatment. It won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

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Post-Merger Integration

When online retailers Shop Direct and Littlewoods were acquired, their buyers’ expectations of an early return on investment quickly began to look unattainable. Projects set up to rationalise warehousing, distribution and ordering processes were delayed.

As part of a major restructure, we led a team of systems architects, analysts and software engineers who, with a new project plan, went on to implement a successful merger of systems in just 3 months.

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Dynamic Technologies Ltd

We’re a specialist consultancy, based near Manchester, work with clients, leading change to deliver successful business outcomes, and build our clients’ sustained ability to keep evolving in an ever-changing world. We specialise in transferring best practice between industries.

Researching into project success

We are founder members of the APM’s Systems Thinking Specific Interest Group on applying systems thinking to improve the chances of successful projects.

Teaching project success skills

We develop the skills of managers and engineers in managing successful projects directly, and by teaching at The University of Manchester , UCL and the University of Cumbria.

Project Rescue

After acquiring YourComms, THUS PLC set out to merge YourComms’ two major billing systems into its own. The project had stalled because of the complexity in processing numerous customer accounts.

We took a different approach; sorting bills by customer instead of product won early success. This tactic was applied to all customers and accounts, concluding with the most complex. As a result, all customers were retained – and there was no loss to quality of service.

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Our clients like…

  • Getting a good night's sleep as chaos turns to control.
  • Costs that have stopped spiralling, and deadlines no longer slipping.
  • Understanding what could go wrong and knowing it's all in hand.
  • Being able to focus on their real job of making their business work.
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