Our Capabilities

Leading Successful Change

Successful projects don’t happen just by themselves, they need effective leadership. Leading successful projects requires:

  • Giving inspiration and direction
  • Building, facilitating and empowering an effective team
  • Coaching people to improve their performance, sustaining change
  • Developing and applying soft skills, mediating not confronting
  • Using the right leadership style for the situation, not “one size fits always”

We have extensive experience of leading successful change projects, and we help our clients’ staff in applying the same insights and disciplines.

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Post-Merger Integration

In post merger/acquisition, the “quick win” is usually to rationalize central services like Finance, Legal and HR, making staff redundant and cutting salary costs, but then comes integration of operations.

This involves detailed knowledge of the services and products the companies provide, often unknown to those setting the targets!

We work with clients to identify the fine details needed to design a successful integration approach.

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Project Rescue

Rescuing a project in trouble involves reviewing and revising:

  • Deliverables
  • Milestones
  • Supplier performance

With projects in trouble, we provide impartial assessment, and where necessary, we help to restructure the team and put in place the disciplines, reporting mechanisms and controls needed.

We change the project culture from "blame and failure" to "aiming for success".

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