Tips for using it right

Final Delivery/Handover

Identify the trainers and super-users; engage with them/their management to secure time and effort

Prepare and deliver all the training materials and communications to stakeholders, including all maintenance and support staff, in plenty of time

Prepare for the human aspects of go-live - shift rotas, overtime authorizations, coffee, muffins, pizzas, transport (car parking), out of hours access etc

Carry out dry runs and simulations until you can do it right every time

Create a complete set of guides, manuals and design documentation that clearly explain what it will and won't do - and PUT THEM WHERE EVERYONE CAN READ THEM.

Document the roles for users and maintainers of the solution, detailing their responsibilities, competencies and training requirements correctly and lodge with HR

Post Project/Benefits Realization

Check that training plans include the correct use and maintenance of the solution

Check that all training is being followed for new joiners who will be users or maintainers

Check with operational staff that no unforeseen issues are occurring

Build a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) set on the intranet, where everyone can access them, and maintain them regularly

Track performance of the solution to detect any trends in performance indicators e.g. speed, reliability, availability, failures, repairs etc and investigate any unexpected trends as soon as possible

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