Are you accountable for a mission-critical business transformation?

  • How confident are you that it will succeed?
  • How much do you trust the promises made to you?
  • Are you certain there's no optimism bias - people hiding problems and hoping they will go away?
  • Will you have a resounding success?
  • Are you getting a good night's sleep?

Dynamic Technologies can help bring you peace of mind.

  1. We independently assess your transformation programme/project, checking whether it is on track to meet targets and expectations and;
  2. If not, helping realign approach and plans to reduce the risk of falling short
  3. If needed, working with the solution delivery team to maximise success

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1. Assessing your existing programme

We impartially assess the current state of your programme - team, plans, solution, budget and risk register. We then review whether the programme is likely to deliver the planned benefits on time and budget and catalogue any threats to success we identify.

We use the best-practice standards of the Association for Project Management and Axelos (PRINCE2), enhanced by our own extensive experience.

2. Revitalising your programme

If your programme looks unlikely to meet your expectations, we carry out a critical reappraisal of what is needed to be successful, including reviewing success criteria, requirements, team and plans. We then build a consensus around a viable programme approach that satisfies all the stakeholders.

3. Delivering Success

Sometimes hands-on leadership is needed to take the revised programme forward,. We can take on interim change leadership for you, working with your stakeholders and delivery team to  keep programme delivery in line with everyone's expectations.

We work with you to assure successful design and implementation of innovative and complex digital solutions to your business needs by:

  • Understanding your true business requirements
  • Cross-fertilising ideas from other businesses/industries
  • Working with all stakeholders to build a consensus

We can then help with:

  • Shaping the new digital solution - technology, organisation, process and culture
  • Helping create Invitations to Tender & selecting suppliers
  • Working with technology suppliers to ensure their solutions are fit for purpose, and their plans are sound
  • Building and training effective virtual teams across organisational boundaries, motivating high performance
  • Always looking forward, focusing on success
  • Changing culture to make transformation stick, supporting carbon reduction and #netzero

Here are some of our stories:

Digital Transformation

We worked with a German manufacturer to design and pilot a global customer information collection solution for sales staff, aimed at understanding how to improve products and services that would keep them ahead of their competitors.

We proved data mining software for a major bank in less than a week, showing  how machine learning technology could improve their lending management performance.

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Digital Healthcare

We helped the NHS to save £65M in the first year alone through putting AI -based advice on-line (in half the expected time). We formed a cohesive team even though people worked across many organisations in the UK.

This digital AI solution helped patients understand their health conditions and advised them how to get the right treatment, avoiding many thousands of wasted GP appointments. It won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.  

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Transforming Performance

After acquiring YourComms, THUS PLC set out to merge YourComms’ two major billing systems into its own. The project had stalled because of the complexity in processing numerous customer accounts.  

We took a different approach; sorting bills by customer instead of product won early success. This tactic was applied to all customers and accounts, concluding with the most complex.  As a result, all customers were retained – and there was no loss to quality of service.

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Revitalising Digital Projects

When online retailers Shop Direct and Littlewoods were acquired, their buyers’ expectations of an early return on investment quickly began to look unattainable. Projects set up to rationalise warehousing, distribution and ordering processes were delayed.

As part of a major restructure, we led a team of systems architects, analysts and software engineers who, with a new project plan, went on to implement a successful merger of systems in just 3 months.

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Extraordinary results

When faced with a tough change environment, demanding stakeholders and tight timescales, you need the support of a knowledgeable and experienced project and programme manager.”

These digital transformations succeeded because:

  1. The problems were fully understood. The solution was right for the customer. Real value was delivered sooner.
  2. Relationships between IT and the business were clear. All stakeholders, wherever located, worked together to achieve the projects’ objectives.
  3. Each project aligned with corporate strategy. Each had a valid business benefit. The business case, scope and objectives were agreed and adhered to. The right skills and disciplines were in place.

Could your project deliver results like these?

Call today to find out how you can benefit from our consultancy services and:

  • Put a stop to spiralling costs on your project
  • Deliver value in weeks instead of months
  • Stay in profit in times of constant change.

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