Transforming business performance

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much do I trust the promises made to me?
  • Am I certain there's no optimism bias - people hiding problems and hoping they will go away?
  • How confident am I it will be a resounding success?
  • Am I getting a good night's sleep?

Dynamic Technologies can help bring you peace of mind!

We independently assess your transformation programme/project, checking whether it is on track to meet targets and expectations and;

  • If not, helping realign approach and plans to reduce the risk of falling short
  • If needed, working with the solution delivery team to maximise success

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1. Assessing your existing programme

We impartially assess the current state of your programme - team, plans, solution, budget and risk register. We then review whether the programme is likely to deliver the planned benefits on time and budget and catalogue any threats to success we identify.

We use the best-practice standards of the Association for Project Management and Axelos (PRINCE2), enhanced by our own extensive experience.

2. Revitalising your programme

If your programme looks unlikely to meet your expectations, we carry out a critical reappraisal of what is needed to be successful, including reviewing success criteria, requirements, team and plans. We then build a consensus around a viable programme approach that satisfies all the stakeholders.

3. Delivering Success

Sometimes hands-on leadership is needed to take the revised programme forward. We can take on interim change leadership for you, working with your stakeholders and delivery team to keep programme delivery in line with everyone's expectations.

Here are some of our stories:

Assessing and shaping  complex digital change

Lohmann Tapes – targeting innovation through harvesting customer information using sales force app

Unilever IT – transforming end-user IT globally through cloud-based technology

Vodafone subsidiary THUS - unprecedented success, as Agile approach maximised customer satisfaction

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Transforming performance with digital solutions

University of Manchester – delivering digital education programme four times faster

High Street Bank - AI for lending management in weeks

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Digital - transforming  performance

Innovating in Digital Healthcare

OpenClinical CIC  - shaping innovative digital healthcare

NHS - delivering cost-effective digital healthcare on time, on budget and exceeding performance

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Digital Healthcare

Developing innovation strategy and capacity

Cloudis Ltd – boosting innovation capacity in a long-established tech business

Borregaard and Unilever – balancing innovation with investment in FMCG manufacture

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What do our customers think?

About Dynamic Technologies Ltd

We are experts in bringing success to mission-critical business change, hitting deadlines and delivering benefits.

We specialise in complex and innovative transformations, where uncertainty and risk are high, turning chaos to control, and revitalising under-performing efforts.

We help businesses deal with market disruption by evolving quickly, leap-frogging their competitors while minimising organisational turmoil.

We work with you to assure successful innovative and complex digital solutions to your business needs by:

  • Understanding your true business requirements
  • Cross-fertilising ideas from other businesses/industries
  • Working with all stakeholders to build a consensus

We can then help with:

  • Shaping the new digital solution - advanced technology, organisation, process and culture change e.g. remote working
  • Helping create Invitations to Tender meeting your needs fully and selecting suppliers
  • Working with technology suppliers to ensure their solutions are fit for purpose, and their plans are sound
  • Building and training effective virtual teams across organisational boundaries, motivating high performance - to deliver the solution and to make it deliver the target benefits
  • Always looking forward, focusing on preventing issues, aiming for success
  • Changing the culture to make transformation stick and supporting carbon reduction and #netzero
  • See our free guides!

Dynamic Technologies was formed in 2000 to improve research project success for the European Commission. Since then we have expanded to cover delivering successful business change, specialising in innovative projects and programmes with high levels of uncertainty, particularly post-acquisition and post-merger integration of processes and systems.

Based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, serving in particular North West England, Manchester and London, we have an international track record. Our key ability is to build consensus and team-working between all stakeholders to deliver overall success: people, process and systems, including;

  • Knowledge-based systems
  • Machine learning
  • Mobile and cloud-based solutions
  • Process integration and automation

“I’m delighted we engaged Andrew. He made a vital contribution to our success.”

Duane Lawrence, CEO InferMed Ltd

“Andrew’s professional approach and interpersonal skills were well used in negotiating competing priorities and liaising with the many varied stakeholders required to get this business critical transformation project completed. His experience, flexibility and good humour were invaluable during this challenging work.”

Glen Forde, Project Manager, Eduserv (key contributor)

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