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Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare - transforming healthcare effectiveness

The demands on  healthcare systems are spiralling up and up, so it’s essential that waste is eliminated and efficiency increased, while boosting effectiveness.

Digital technology is playing a vital part in understanding health conditions and how best to treat them.

Our first step was to introduce Astra-Zeneca’s drug discovery team to data mining technology. Later we led the successful implementation shown in the case study.

Currently, we are working with organisations such as the UK Biobank (who have rich data) and OpenClinical CIC (who publish computer-executable healthcare knowledge) to join up the pieces, integrating data collection, data analysis and knowledge dissemination.

The critical issue facing the use of technology in healthcare is patient safety, so we have been probing the strengths and weaknesses of machine learning versus knowledge engineering.

We are currently developing technology to support the refinement of knowledge bases from small numbers of cases i.e. ‘small data’.

Our client receives the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation from Colonel Stephen Foakes, Deputy Lieutenant, for the NHS website.

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Digital Healthcare: Case Study - NHS Website  with AI symptom checkers

When clinical software supplier InferMed Ltd won the prime contract for the NHS’s new AI-based website, they asked us to lead the project.

Delivery target was just 6 months, half the time originally planned, and the people involved were spread geographically, with complex cultural and commercial relationships.

Delivery is really about people – in this case we forged a single team across all stakeholder groups and locations then motivated people to deliver very effectively.


  • A world first in AI-based healthcare for public access
  • Agreed solution delivered to NHS on time and budget delivering £65M savings in first year - 1000% return
  • Innovative design meant the site was successfully handling a 350% overload without extra cost
  • A Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation plus 3 other awards

“Andrew is a determined and energetic project leader whose professional approach and interpersonal skills were well used in negotiating competing priorities and liaising with the many varied stakeholders required to get this business critical transformation project completed. His experience, flexibility and good humour were greatly valued during this challenging work.”

Glen Forde - Supplier Project Manager

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