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Free guidance on making change successful

10 Habits of Highly-Effective Project Managers

How fitness for purpose is critical for project success

How to build the right team for projects

How to deliver projects right

How to get the benefits you expected

Post-merger integration - key principles

Sharing our knowledge and experience

  • We have a huge amount of accumulated experience from over 30 years practising in this field
  • We have developed a range of training courses and coaching solutions for industrial clients
  • We have extensive experience of teaching project and programme management:
  • The University of Manchester
  • The University of Cumbria
  • UCL
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • and are planning several more
  • We have published a market-leading guide to project success
  • We are active contributors to the Association for Project Management
  • You are welcome to copies of our range of ebooks below
From Chaos to Control