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About Dynamic Technologies Ltd

We are experts in bringing success to mission-critical business change, hitting deadlines and delivering benefits.

We specialise in complex and innovative transformations, where uncertainty and risk are high, turning chaos to control, and revitalising under-performing efforts.

We help businesses deal with market disruption be evolving quickly, leap-frogging their competitors while minimising organisational turmoil.

We work with you to design and successfully implement innovative and complex digital solutions to business needs by:

  • Understanding your true business needs, responding to disruptive changes and including changes is ways of working e.g. those driven by COVID-19
  • Working with all stakeholders to build a consensus on what successful digital transformation will look like, speaking their language to ensure shared understanding
  • Shaping the new digital solution - advanced technology, organisation, process and culture change e.g. remote working
  • Helping create Invitations to Tender meeting your needs fully and selecting suppliers
  • Working with technology suppliers to ensure their solutions are fit for purpose, and their plans are sound
  • Building and training effective virtual teams across organisational boundaries, motivating high performance - to deliver the solution and to make it deliver the target benefits
  • Always looking forward, focusing on preventing issues, aiming for success
  • Changing the culture to make transformation stick and supporting carbon reduction and #netzero

Dynamic Technologies was formed in 2000 to improve research project success for the European Commission. Since then we have expanded to cover delivering successful business change, specialising in innovative projects and programmes with high levels of uncertainty, particularly post-acquisition and post-merger integration of processes and systems.

Based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, serving in particular North West England, Manchester and London, we have an international track record.

Our key ability is to build consensus and team-working between all stakeholders to deliver overall success: people, process and systems, including;

  • Knowledge-based systems
  • Machine learning
  • Mobile and cloud-based solutions
  • Process integration and automation

From Chaos to Control